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EVCP Payment Solution from Secure Retail using the OTI TRIO-IQ

Secure Retail offers an excellent portfolio that combines technology, reliability and fast, secure, payment for EV charging points in one complete solution. All elements of our service provision have been certified to the latest compliance standards.

Our partnership with OTI on the innovative TRIO-IQ is the perfect device to use in the electric vehicle charge point (EVCP) payments sector. The TRIO-IQ is an intelligent, state of the art modular combo platform that combines Telemetry with a 5-in-1 EMV Payment Terminal.

With our trusted experience and knowledge, Secure can offer our customers a bespoke package, giving them support from the initial design and development stage, right through to installation and roll out. If required, we also offer a fully managed service throughout the lifecycle of the device.

TRIO-IQ – Intelligent Telemetry Gateway & A 5-In-1 EMV Payment Reader

Product Highlights:

Indoor or outdoor – TRIO-IQ is tough enough for any assignment


– ALL NFC, contact and contactless EMV payments
– Touchless vending support
– Reduce development work
– All in one device (Reader / Controller / SDK)
– Multimedia capabilities (for example, advertisements, videos)
– Large touch screen
– High-end OS (Linux) with SDK allows users to develop customised features with minimal time, effort and risk
– Integral support for Vending, Kiosk, Mobile payment, Pulse and Closed-Loop payments

EVCP is only one application that we can support with TRIO-IQ device, others that have synergy with developing payment markets include vending, kiosk, mobile payments, Pulse and closed-loop payments.

TRIO-IQ is an intelligent, state of the art modular combo platform that combines Telemetry with a 5-in-1 EMV Payment Terminal

We also partner on our EVCP payment solutions with Mobius Networks, the UKs first integrated data airtime provider who aim to prove that, in the data world, all networks are not the same and even, all SIMs are not the same. SPT (Secure Payment Transactions) is a trusted global provider of omnichannel payment solutions operating across a variety of market sectors.

If you would like to learn more about EVCP solutions from Secure Retail and OTI, please get in touch with your usual contact at Secure Retail or feel free to contact Julie-Ann Whiteside our ECVP Payments Account Manager on +44 (0)1530 511149 or email her We are here to help and guide you!