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Payment Processing

Remove the complexity and cost of accepting payments. Our Payment Gateway solutions provide security and simplicity for transaction processing, delivering a fast, flexible, and scalable payment infrastructure all while ensuring that your data is fully protected.

Any Channel

Everything you need to accept payments instore, online or on consumer phones.





Any Acquirer

Have the freedom to choose your acquirer, negotiate the best fees and control costs.





Any Payment Method

Accept major card schemes and emerging alternative payment methods.







You can analyse information from your entire device estate and associate merchant accounts, to influence performance-enhancing business decisions.

This enables the merchant to run scheduled or on-demand reports on transactions across your entire business in real time.

The online management and reporting tool makes it easy to access insights at the touch of a button.


Value-Added Services

Aimed to differentiate you from the competition, increase loyalty and add value SPT has integrated a number of third party value added services to its payment gateway solution.

These include a range of gift card and loyalty schemes, digital charity applications and dynamic curency conversion.



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